Seeking a Database Developer

Applications close Thursday 6th of October 2016

Motivation Australia is seeking a Database Developer to work with us on developing and delivering quality data systems for our developing country programmes. During the implementation of our programmes and service delivery by our partners in developing countries, data is collected, stored, analysed, visualised and reported. Data is collected on activities, people and assistive devices for different purposes including service management, Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and reporting.

WS DB dashboard visual layout RM FEB16Working with MA presents the opportunity to see projects through from start to finish, to focus on what you do best (coding) and assist us to deliver top quality data solutions.

Applicants should download and review the Database Developer Position Description.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to or apply online at

Rogue One: Movie Fundraiser

Motivation Australia is pleased to announce the next Movie Fundraiser event! Rogue One, A Star Wars Story is due for Australian release on the 15th of December – be amongst the first to see it on Saturday the 17th of December at the Capri Theatre in Goodwood.

Tickets cost $25 and come with a free glass of wine, beer or juice. Prizes for the best dressed on the night – so get planning!!

Need more information about the movie? Check out the Rogue One website and trailer!

Tickets available from October 10th. 

Volunteer Orthotist for Tonga

Motivation Australia and Scope Global are looking for an Orthotist to support Diabetic Foot Care in Tonga in partnership with the National Diabetes Centre (NDC). Amputations as a result of diabetic foot wounds is a significant, and growing health issue that is impacting on the lives of Tongans and draining health services of their resources.

The NDC has a multi-disciplinary team, is well established and has good links with the surgical team. There is, however, a gap in their capacity to provide offloading as a means of improving healing rates for ulcers.

In this role, you will train NDC personnel in orthotic offloading techniques and procure and set-up the tools and equipment required to continue to provide them through the Diabetic Foot Clinic.

You will be supported in this by Motivation Australia’s team, and have access to existing resources that were developed as part of the Keep Moving Project and the Samoan Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC).

See the AVID website for more information about this position (and an application form) or contact Ray Mines, RAP project manager directly:

Volunteer Podiatrist or Nurse for Kiribati

Motivation Australia and Scope Global is looking for a Podiatrist or Nurse to support the establishment of a Diabetic Foot Clinic at Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH) in Kiribati as part of the Regional Amputation Prevention Project (RAP-1).

Amputations as a result of diabetic foot wounds is a significant, and growing health issue that is impacting on the lives of I-Kiribati and draining health services of their resources.

In this role, you will work alongside medical, nursing and allied health personnel at TCH to establish the clinic, utilising Motivation Australia’s existing resources that were developed as part of the Keep Moving Project and the Samoan Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC).

See the AVID website for more information about this position (and an application form) or contact Ray Mines, RAP project manager directly:

Diabetic Foot Care in Kiribati

Lauren and Ray from Motivation Australia conducted a one week rapid assessment of the current status of diabetic foot care at Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH) in Kiribati. MA have been working with the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) at the same hospital since 2008. In Kiribati MA are partnering with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS). All amputations are performed at TCH, which is the main hospital located on South Tarawa. Data gathered by the MHMS Health Information Unit shows that a total of 89 lower limb amputations were performed there in 2015.

The scope of this initial project visit is to understand the current status of diabetic foot wound management in Kiribati; and undertake consultations with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) and key stakeholders in order to plan activities.

TCH medical personnel consulted, all described a similar situation with diabetic foot wounds to that experienced by MA in Samoa in the Diabetic Foot Clinic there; people with diabetic foot wounds seek medical assistance very late (for various reasons), by which time their wounds are large and infected, which almost always leads to surgical debridement or amputation. Many factors contribute to the situation in Kiribati such as the high rates of uncontrolled diabetes, barefoot walking, a lack of health information, distance from services and the cost of travel, fear of hospitalisation and amputation, changes in lifestyle, etc.

ki-tch-390x390px-02In 2014 the International Diabetes Federation reported that Pacific Island countries accounted for eight of the top ten countries in the world for diabetes prevalence, with some rates as high as 37% (Kiribati’s published rate is 26%). The increasing burden diabetes is placing on social and health systems in the region, makes the prevention and treatment of diabetes complications a priority.

Foot wounds (ulcers) are amongst the most common complications of uncontrolled diabetes. People with diabetes are more susceptible to developing foot ulcers that are slower to heal. Currently in many Pacific countries, untreated, infected diabetic foot ulcers often lead to multiple amputations and sometimes death.

The Regional Amputation Prevention (RAP) project is a multi-country initiative by Motivation Australia (MA) in direct response to the rapidly rising rate of diabetes related amputations in the Pacific Region. This first phase of the RAP project is funded by the Australia Government and LDS Church Charities.

Through the project MA will provide technical support and assist in coordinating external inputs in order to support I-Kiribati medical and rehabilitation personnel to establish and sustain a Diabetic Foot Clinic. The aim is to contribute to the MHMS achieving a reduction in diabetic-related amputations from 90 (base line in 2011) to 68 (2019 target in the Strategic Plan), and aligns with the MHMS Strategic Plan (2016-19) Objective:

“Strengthen initiatives to reduce the prevalence of risk factors for NCDs, and to reduce morbidity, disability and mortality from NCDs” and Strategic action 1.5: “Strengthen initiatives around prevention, detection and management of diabetes and its complications.”

The MA team would like to thank everyone who participated for their time and valuable contributions. We are grateful to the hospital personnel who patiently assisted us to learn about a situation which is no doubt challenging for them in the frontline delivery of health services. Special thanks to Tekoaua Tamoroa, Chief Officer in Charge, Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) for facilitating our visit.

Capri Movie Night: Sully

Join Motivation Australia on Friday the 9th of September at the Capri Movie Theatre in Adelaide for a night at the movies!

This time, we feature the movie Sully – the untold story of what happened after Captain “Sully” Sullenberger landed his plane on the Hudson River, on January 15th, 2009 saving the lives of all 155 on board.  This fascinating film is from Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood and stars the fabulous Tom Hank, Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney.

Tickets are $25 and include a free glass of wine, beer or a soft drink. Doors open at 5.45pm for a 6.30pm showing.

Buy your tickets today!

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Thank you to our friends at Hither & Yon, Goodiesons Brewery, and Mountain Fresh for donating our refreshments!

If you cannot make it, but you would like to buy a ticket for us to gift to someone who can – no problem! contact Kate today.


Kylie Mines

Kylie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in Adelaide, in 1989, and has always had a strong interest in wheelchair provision and supportive seating. Kylie began working in international development in Lithuania in 1991; and joined the Motivation Charitable Trust in 1993 to establish a national wheelchair service network in Cambodia. That first project with Motivation led to seven years of programme work, living and working in Cambodia, Russia, Lithuania, Albania, Romania, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

In 2000 Kylie returned to live in South Australia to start a family – however was unwilling to sever the links with Motivation and international development. After working as a short term consultant for the Motivation Charitable Trust on a range of projects; Kylie founded Motivation Australia in 2007.

As well as building Motivation Australia, Kylie has worked as a consultant for the World Health Organisation (WHO). Through this work she contributed to the development of the WHO Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less Resourced Settings, and is the co-editor of the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package (Basic and Intermediate modules).

Role: Kylie is Motivation Australia’s CEO, and also holds a position on the Board of Governors. Kylie is responsible for overall direction and approach; developing partnerships; and inputs into programmes with a focus on training and education tools; policy development; monitoring and evaluation.

What do you enjoy about working with Motivation Australia? Through Motivation Australia I have been able to continue working in a sector that I feel incredibly passionate about – and build a team of people who are just as keen as I am to see people who need an appropriate mobility device get one. I love that my work is now taking me to countries that are in my ‘home’ Region. I love working alongside our neighbours in the Pacific; and am learning all the time.

Connect with Kylie on LinkedIn.

Ray Mines

Ray is an Industrial Designer and Project Manager who has been working in developing countries since joining Motivation in the UK in 1996. He has designed, built, adapted and fitted wheelchairs and seating systems, as well as delivered training and capacity building in a wide range of cross cultural situations. To date he has undertaken assignments in more than thirty countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific including remote communities in Australia. Ray has a BSc Industrial Design (Hons) Degree from Brunel University, UK (1990-94) and a Kepner – Tregoe Project Management Certificate (2001).

Role: As Director of Design & Innovation, Ray delivers product design, visual communication & brand image, strategic planning, programme design, training development & delivery, staff mentoring and in-country capacity building. Ray is the Project Manager for two of Motivation Australia’s programmes: the Samoa Integrated Mobility Device Service (SIMDES) project and the Regional Amputation Prevention (RAP) project

What do you enjoy about working with Motivation Australia? What I personally value about what we do is the inspiring people that we meet; I carry their incredible stories with me. I see our work supporting people with disabilities to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges every day, this is the fire in my belly, and this is the very essence of what Motivation Australia exists for.

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Lauren Flaherty

Lauren is an Occupational Therapist with more than 13 years experience in wheelchairs, seating, paediatric therapy and neuro-rehabilitation. Since joining Motivation Australia in 2010 as a part time consultant, her position has developed into a full time role as the organisation’s Senior Clinical Coordinator.

Role: Lauren provides clinical leadership; inputs into new programme design; develops and delivers training courses and mentoring clinics, and; provides remote and in country support of our partners.

She is also responsible for Motivation Australia’s social media and day to day website management.

Lauren has been involved in the development of the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages (WSTP). She is also an author of the WHO WSTP (intermediate level) Training of Trainers Package.

What do you enjoy about working with Motivation Australia? A key aspect of my role is in the development and mentoring of local staff who are proving mobility device services in challenging situations; it is always really satisfying to see the change and development in staff, and know that this will positively impact on the lives of hundreds of people with a mobility disability.

I also really appreciate the commitment of the team to continue to provide high quality, innovative, sustainable and effective solutions for our partners.

Connect with Lauren on LinkedIn.

Jodie Summer

Jodie is a Chartered Accountant with experience in financial system development and process improvement.  She has worked in the South Australian Health sector and for the international accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Jodie has a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA), Bachelor of Commerce (double major in Accounting and Management) and a Cert IV in Financial Services. In 2011 she was admitted as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA).  Jodie is an active member of the South Australian ICAA Not for Profit discussion group and the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Finance Working Group.

Role: As the Finance Manager, Jodie provides financial business advice to Motivation Australia’s employees, consultants, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders by providing: Effective strategies in managing financial performance, monitoring, reporting and analysis, budget development and forecasting; Effective financial system development, and; Expert financial operational advice and leadership.

What do you enjoy about working with Motivation Australia? I enjoy working with Motivation Australia because the work is so varied and rewarding.  It is always great to know that the work that we are doing here in Australia in an administrative role ultimately enables us to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. I enjoy working with a fantastic team of friendly, motivated, driven, highly skilled and professional people.

Connect with Jodie on LinkedIn.