Motivation Australia is committed to increasing access to appropriate Assistive Technology (AT) for people with disabilities in the Asia Pacific Region.

AT includes any item, piece of equipment, or product that helps a child or adult carry out tasks they might not otherwise be able to do well or at all.

AT helps to reduce the impact of impairment and increase the ability of people with disabilities to carry out their daily activities, and participate in family and community. This includes wheelchairs, prosthetic and orthotic devices, walking aids, hearing aids, white canes and low vision aids.

Our AT philosophy is to use low cost, appropriate and quality products. We work with various organisations supplying AT to improve the quality, durability, consistency and effectiveness of their products.

We aim to offer choice; in order that our partners and their clients can choose from a range of appropriate AT from a variety of suppliers. We are not a manufacturer – procuring from a range of suppliers, means that the advice Motivation Australia gives to our partners is independent and objective.

Motivation Australia does not make a profit from the sales or procurement process for AT used in our programmes in developing countries.

Motivation Australia does however sell low cost sports wheelchairs and selected mobility device products in Australia and New Zealand. Income from such sales is used to support our programme work in developing countries.

For more information regarding these sales, contact Kate Shortt.

WHO Priority Assistive Product List

Assistive products such as wheelchairs, white canes, hearing aids and prosthetics are essential tools which facilitate greater independence and inclusion, and allow people to access and participate education, work and employment. They provide a greater opportunity for people to escape poverty, and enable people to live a dignified life. Motivation Australia has witnessed the impact… Read more »

Wheelchairs & seating

Motivation Australia uses a range of appropriate adult’s wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs and seating products in our programmes. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) an appropriate wheelchair is one that: “meets the user’s needs and environmental conditions; provides proper fit and postural support; is safe and durable; is available in the country; and can be obtained… Read more »

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Prosthetic devices

Motivation Australia is working with our partners in the Pacific Region to identify the most appropriate technology for lower limb amputees. Through our Samoa Integrated Mobility Device Service project with the Samoan National Health Service, we will utilise International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) materials and components along with various parts from a range… Read more »

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