Lauren Flaherty

Lauren joined Motivation Australia in 2010 as a part time consultant, her current role is Service Development Manager.

Lauren’s background as an Occupational Therapist includes wheelchairs, seating and physical rehabilitation. She has worked in New Zealand and Ireland before settling in South Australia.

Role:  Lauren is responsible for building the capacity and resources of the team to deliver quality, appropriate support to our partner organisations who provide assistive technology (AT) in the Asia Pacific Region. This includes developing mobility device service systems and procedures; data collection and analysis tools; training materials; policies and procedures.

Lauren also provides in-country training and mentoring to AT service partners, with a particular focus on intermediate level wheelchairs and seating.

Lauren leads MA’s social media and day to day website management, and is the organisation’s Child Safe Focal Point.

In addition, Lauren has contributed to the development of the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Packages (WSTP) and is a co-author of the WHO WSTP Training of Trainers Package (tot).

What do you enjoy about working with Motivation Australia? A key aspect of my role is in the development and mentoring of staff who are responsble for mobility device services in challenging situations; it is always really satisfying to see the change and development in staff, and know that this will positively impact on the lives of hundreds of people with a mobility disability in their communities.

I also really appreciate the commitment of the MA team to continue to provide high quality, innovative, sustainable and effective solutions for our partners.

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