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Wheelchairs & seating

Motivation Australia uses a range of appropriate adult’s wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs and seating products in our programmes. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) an appropriate wheelchair is one that: “meets the user’s needs and environmental conditions; provides proper fit and postural support; is safe and durable; is available in the country; and can be obtained… Read more »

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Prosthetic devices

Motivation Australia is working with our partners in the Pacific Region to identify the most appropriate technology for lower limb amputees. Through our Samoa Integrated Mobility Device Service project with the Samoan National Health Service, we will utilise International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) materials and components along with various parts from a range… Read more »

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Samoa’s MDS continues to thrive!

The Samoan Mobility Device Service (MDS) continues to move from strength to strength. Four wheelchair service personnel are providing competent, quality services to Samoans with a mobility disability. More than 200 people with a disability have received appropriate mobility devices since services began six months ago. They are being well supported by the services Client Liaison… Read more »

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Vanuatu Walking Aids Project

Motivation Australia and our partners in Vanuatu – the Vanuatu Society for Disabled Persons (VSDP) have been exploring ways to act on the recommendations from our 2012 joint feasibility study. This year we are delighted to have received funds through the Australian Government Direct Aid Programme to carry out a small project – providing up… Read more »

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