Volunteer Orthotist for Tonga

Motivation Australia and Scope Global are looking for an Orthotist to support Diabetic Foot Care in Tonga in partnership with the National Diabetes Centre (NDC).

The NDC has a multi-disciplinary team, is well established and has good links with the surgical team. There is, however, a gap in their capacity to provide offloading as a means of improving healing rates for ulcers.

In this 6 month role, you will train NDC personnel in orthotic offloading techniques and procure and set-up the tools and equipment required to continue to provide them through the Diabetic Foot Clinic.

You will be supported by Motivation Australia’s team, and have access to existing resources that were developed as part of the Keep Moving Project and the Samoan Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC).

See the AVID website for more information about this position (and an application form) or contact Lauren Flaherty: laurenflaherty@motivation.org.au