Kiribati support visit

In September this year Motivation Australia (MA) visited Kiribati to work with the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) and Tungaru Central Hospital’s Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC). MA worked with TRS to introduce and implement a new data system within TRS. This included a review of forms, introduction of a new database and a discussion on the… Read more »

Basic wheelchair training: Fiji

On a trip to Fiji in May, Motivation Australia (MA) had the opportunity to provide basic level wheelchair service training to seventeen personnel from the Fiji Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Frank Hilton organisation and Kiribati’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services. The eight day training course utilised… Read more »

Launch of Diabetic Foot Clinic in Kiribati

April saw the launch of Kiribati’s new Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC) at Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH). Katrina McGrath from Motivation Australia and volunteer Podiatrist Nalini Natesan visited the DFC team in Kiribati to provide on site training and mentoring. DFC personnel practiced how to assess a client with a foot ulcer (wound), develop an appropriate… Read more »

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MA's and Kiribati staff looking at training materials.

High Risk Foot Management in the Pacific

Katrina McGrath from Motivation Australia (MA) joined volunteers from the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) Australian National Member Society Outreach Committee (ISPO Outreach) in presenting a 3 day Instructional Course for High Risk Foot Management in the Pacific. The course provided an introduction to the management of diabetic foot ulcers with a focus on offloading including:… Read more »


Diabetic Foot Care in Kiribati

Lauren and Ray from Motivation Australia conducted a one week rapid assessment of the current status of diabetic foot care at Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH) in Kiribati. MA have been working with the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) at the same hospital since 2008. In Kiribati MA are partnering with the Ministry of Health and Medical… Read more »


Wheelchair Service Management Workshop

Running a successful wheelchair (or any other assistive technology) service requires management level support. That means that managers need to understand how to plan, implement and manage their service; motivate personnel; and ensure that the right resources are in place when they are needed. In most developing countries, service managers also need to be incredibly… Read more »


Kiribati Fire Update

Late last year, the building of our partner in Kiribati – the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) had burnt to the ground. Since that time, Motivation Australia has been working closely with TRS to offer what assistance we can. TRS have moved their service to a temporary location; and requested assistance to re-stock their tools, equipment… Read more »



Kiribati Tungaru Rehabilitation Service Fire

Motivation Australia staff were shocked to hear this week that the building of our partner in Kiribati Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) had burnt to the ground. Fortunately no one was injured, but all tools, machinery and mobility products were lost. Our thoughts are with the TRS staff who will now begin the slow process of… Read more »


Island perspective: wheelchair provision in Kiribati

You are never far from the Pacific Ocean in Kiribati (pronounced Kiribas). In places the capital, South Tarawa, is only as wide as the road you’re standing on (which also happens to be the only road). Kiribati is a Micronesian nation consisting of 32 coral atolls and one island, spread over an enormous area of… Read more »