Motivation Australia is a technical adviser to the Timor-Leste (East Timor) national wheelchair service provider CNR (Centro National de Reabilitação), formally called ASSERT. This role has grown from 2008 – where Motivation Australia supported the establishment of the service through training courses for clinical and technical staff and the first ever Peer to Peer training course in the Pacific Region. Several training inputs have happened since then, including collaboration on one of the pilot courses for the WHO Wheelchair Service Training Package – Intermediate Level (WSTP).

The most recent service provision input was through a Children’s Wheelchair Clinic that was held in November 2013. Skills clinics like this focus on extending and sharing the skills and knowledge of the team, in order to be able to continuously improve the services they provide. Children are often a focus of these clinics because it is important to provide appropriate services at a young age to prevent some of the complications that can develop from poor seating such as changes to joints, bones, decreased ability to eat and drink or reduced lung function.

Timor Leste – Wheelchair Training

Motivation Australia was delighted to work directly with our partners in Timor Leste, the National Centre for Rehabilitation (CNR), to deliver basic level wheelchair service delivery training for four technical staff and eight clinical staff. The training, delivered early May 2016, was co-funded by Motivation Australia and LDS Charities. Motivation Australia consultants, Andrew Congdon (Occupational… Read more »

Technical visit

In July 2014 Motivation Australia visited CNR to work with our partners to develop a project design addressing strengthening the rehabilitation capacity of CNR and increasing access to CNR services for people with a disability living in rural and remote areas.

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Photo of Timor-Leste team working with a child wheelchair user

Children’s Wheelchair Clinic

Motivation Australia’s spent a week with Timor-Leste’s CNR wheelchair service provision team facilitating a children’s wheelchair clinic.  These clinics are an opportunity to further develop the specific skills and knowledge required to provide an appropriate wheelchair for children who need additional postural support to sit upright (i.e. at an intermediate level). Motivation Australia’s training team… Read more »

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Timor-Leste Wheelchair Basketball

A wheelchair basketball coaching and athletes clinic was recently held in Dili, Timor-Leste by Motivation Australia volunteer coaches Alison Mosely and Lisa Chaffey and local partners ASSERT. Fourteen participants participated in the five day clinic, including four women new to the team. ASSERT have been developing a wheelchair basketball programme over the past two years… Read more »


children watching riders in the Tour de Timor

Tour de Timor 2012

Tour de Timor is over for another year, and Motivation Australia is thrilled with the support and enthusiasm for the event from people all over the world. Motivation Australia and partners ASSERT were a featured charity for the event, with riders raising funds to support our programmes. Currently over $32,000 has been raised – a… Read more »



Timor-Leste Children’s Wheelchair Clinic

Last month saw Motivation Australia complete a mentoring and support visit to work with the team at ASSERT in Dili, Timor-Leste. Last year ASSERT participated in piloting the World Health Organisation’s intermediate level Wheelchair Service Provision training course. Since then, ASSERT have been working with children and adults who need additional support to sit upright in… Read more »



WHO Wheelchair Service Delivery Pilot: Timor-Leste

Motivation Australia and ASSERT joined together to pilot the World Health Organisation Wheelchair Service Delivery Training Package in July 2011. Two Motivation Australia consultants delivered the intermediate module for 16 ASSERT staff. Ten wheelchair users participated in the practical sessions, each receiving a wheelchair more suited to their physical and environmental needs than before. Feedback… Read more »



Timor-Leste Wheelchair Basketball – A Partnership with ASSERT

Motivation Australia and local partners ASSERT successfully completed the first Timor-Leste Wheelchair Basketball Clinic last month. This clinic introduced athletes to the basics of the sport and provided three Timorese coaches with the skills to lead sessions throughout the year. The Basketball Clinic was run by Eric Russell, Paralympic Coach and athlete, Liesl Tesch, Australian Paralympic… Read more »

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East Timor team


In partnership with Timor-Leste non-government organisation, ASSERT, Motivation Australia has supported the establishment of a national wheelchair service. The wheelchair service is based at the National Rehabilitation Centre, established by ASSERT in partnership with Cambodia Trust and the Ministry for Labour and Solidarity. Clinical and technical staff at ASSERT have attended Motivation’s short courses in… Read more »