Your membership drives real change

“MA’s dedication, hard work, professionalism and commitment to human rights has achieved inspiring outcomes in the Pacific. I want to continue to support that.”

Camille Mewett, Physiotherapist

A man demonstrates using a transfer board for a small group, with the help of another man.

A community of global life changers

Our members are a community of people from all over the world who share a passion for health, wellbeing, and creating positive change. The great things we accomplish at Motivation Australia are thanks to their knowledge, understanding and support!

When you become a member of Motivation Australia, you know you’re standing alongside like-minded, amazing individuals. You are also standing with our neighbours in the Pacific and overseas. Together we are building a stronger, healthier global community.

It is simple to become a member and each membership option comes with great benefits:

A silver medal with the MA logo embossed on it.

Silver members: One-time donation of $50 or more

  • Ability to volunteer on our projects and work alongside our overseas partners
  • Your name displayed on our members wall on the MA website (optional)
  • Discounts on MA merchandise
  • Invitation to all special events
A gold medal with the MA logo embossed on it.

Gold members: Monthly donation of $10 or more

  • For the price of two cups of coffee a month, you get ALL the benefits of a silver member!
  • Ongoing gold membership means there is no need to renew, just set and forget your monthly donations
  • Plus once you have been a gold member for 3 years, you are upgraded to an MA Life member!
An emerald green medal with the MA logo embossed on it.

Life members: One-time donation of $500 or more

  • All the benefits of Silver and Gold members
  • Plus access to groups and networking opportunities exclusive to Life members
  • Have your say on the current events of MA!

Five times the impact

All donations to Motivation Australia’s ANCP projects by the Australian public are matched 1:5 by the Australian government. Regular contributions from membership help us tremendously – we can better prepare our projects and make long-term commitments to our partners in the Pacific and overseas.

Tax deductible donation

Motivation Australia is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Donations of $2 or more tax deductible for Australian residents (for tax purposes). Motivation Australia is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

ACNC and ACFID logos
A boy wearing a superman costume sits in his wheelchair and beams at the camera. 3 service staff in dark shirts and his dad in a bright patterned shirt stand behind him, also smiling.

Gold members: Please select ‘monthly’ at the top of the donation box to automatically renew your membership every month!