Corporate Partnerships

Is your organisation looking to partner with a strong, credible not-for-profit to meet social responsibility outcomes and also make a positive impact?

Motivation Australia partners with businesses and organisations who align with our work, to further strengthen and support our projects. Show your customers and staff that your company is invested in giving back to less resourced communities and creating sustainable change.

In turn, we make sure that your organisation is connected to our work. It is important to us that you achieve your social responsibility objectives, and that each partnership we form is unique and designed to meet mutual needs.

Benefits of non-profit partnerships

Aligning your company with a cause and creating positive cause related marketing is a great way to build brand awareness, enhance retail, client and customer relationships, increase sales and market share.

  • Enhanced public perception of your brand
  • Increased sales
  • Positive media coverage
  • Creation of a unique selling point over your competitors
  • Strong incentives for consumers to switch to your brand
  • Increased long-term customer loyalty
  • Improved relationships with supply chain and retailers
  • Elevated employee morale and loyalty.
Vanuatu: A woman using a wheelchair smiles for the camera. Two men and a woman stand behind her, also smiling

Designed for mutual support

Choose how you support

  • Change the lives of people in developing countries by creating sustainable change and strengthening health services
  • Develop a workplace giving scheme, financially supporting MA’s work and strengthening an altruistic culture
  • Allocate financial support to a specific project, country, or to our core work
  • Donate goods to our project partners to directly support them where it is needed the most.

How we give back

  • Joint newsletters designed for your organisation, highlighting the impact your company is making
  • Share your news to our social media following
  • Unique volunteer opportunities for your staff
  • Develop fun workplace events such as hosting your own #Dinner4thePacific or fundraising day.
A group of people wearing matching shirts gather together. They are all smiling brightly and some have their arms out in a large gesture.

Are you ready to take your organisations social responsibility to the next level and find out more about aligning yourself with Motivation Australia to change people’s lives?

Contact our Fundraising Coordinator today for more information.