Part 2: Diabetes education, diet and lifestyle

This part of the course aims to strengthen participants’ understanding and delivery of diabetes education using various communication strategies.

Course objectives

  1. Strengthen their understanding of pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus with correlation to blood glucose management, education, diet and lifestyle.
  2. Understand the principles of healthy eating, emotional health with diabetes, self-management principles and empowerment.
  3. Complete diabetes complication screening, test glucose levels and educate on the role of insulin and medications in wound management.
  4. Demonstrate use of different communication strategies for client education and utilise motivational interviewing and positive language techniques.
  5. Demonstrate ongoing commitment to the use of service tools, implement and enhance service systems to improve clinical service provision with a multi-disciplinary approach.

For a full list of objectives and more information, please download the course outline below.

Online learning facilitators

A profile picture of Tom.

Tom Fitzpatrick
Phone/Telegram: +61 434 841 007

A profile picture of Lee.

Lee Brentnall
Prosthetist Orthotist

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Ann Morris
Diabetes educator

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Jennifer Taumoepeau
Public Health and Nutrition

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Deeni Betar-Young
Dietician and nutritionist


Resources for this part will be available on our YouTube page as they are released. Other resources will be linked here soon.

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