Motivation Australia online learning series

Our online learning series responds to a need for targeted continuous professional development (CPD) for people that support the health, rehabilitation and assistive technology sectors in the Pacific region.

Sharing knowledge remotely

Each session draws on the experience of Motivation Australia’s networks to deliver relevant, useful and practical learning to health workers in the beautiful Blue Pacific.

Participants can look forward to learning from experts in session material and have opportunities to ask questions and discuss as a group.

All sessions are held over Zoom, recorded and uploaded here and to the Motivation Australia YouTube channel. These recordings are accessible to everyone!


Rigid removable dressings with Karen Wilson

Karen is a physiotherapist based in New Zealand with over 30 years experience specialising in rehabilitation and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Karen discusses:
1. What are Rigid removable dressings (RRDs)?
2. What are they useful for?
3. What is the evidence, recommendations and duration?
4. What are the different types of RRD available?
5. How to make an RRD
6. How to remove and reapply an RRD

Understanding diabetes with Ann Morris

Ann Morris is an experienced and awarded diabetes educator based in Australia.

Ann discusses:
1. What diabetes is
2. The causes of diabetes
3. The effects of diabetes
2. The different types of diabetes
3. Why and how to monitor blood sugar levels

Diabetes and lifestyle with Ann Morris

Ann Morris is an experienced and awarded diabetes educator based in Australia.

Ann discusses:
1. The causes of Type 2 diabetes
2. The lifestyle factors influencing diabetes
3. What lifestyle changes can help manage diabetes

Occupational therapy interventions with Dr Natasha Layton

Dr Natasha Layton is an occupational therapist practicing, researching and teaching in the areas of assistive technology, disability, and outcomes.

Natasha discusses:
1. How occupational therapists evaluate individuals and communities
2. Strategies that occupational therapists uses with individuals or communities
3. Leads an open discussion about occupational therapy in the Pacific Islands

This activity is part of Motivation Australia’s Pacific Wayfinders program, which is funded and supported by the Australian Government through the ANCP programme.

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