About the online learning series

Our online learning series responds to a need for targeted continuous professional development (CPD) for people that support the health, rehabilitation and assistive technology sectors in the Pacific region.

The Pacific Wayfinders project

The Pacific Wayfinders project aims to harness the expertise of experienced professionals and organisational leaders from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to deliver continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to health workers in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Providing opportunities for professional development to staff working in rehabilitation, assistive technology (AT) and health contributes to an overall strengthening of these sectors and improves local knowledge and skills.

Pacific Wayfinders is an initiative of Motivation Australia with financial support from the Australian Government and other donors.

The online learning series

This series of learning opportunities will draw on the experience of Motivation Australia’s Reference Group, network of members, supporters and partners to deliver sessions aimed at health workers in the Pacific Islands.

Content for the sessions responds directly to requests from our partner personnel, so they engage with the information most relevant and useful to them.

Motivation Australia’s Reference Group, members, supporters and partners come from a range of different backgrounds and are enthusiastic about strengthening service provision in the Pacific. Expert presenters will be chosen from this body of volunteers to draw on their professional experience and knowledge.

Session structure

The online learning series sessions will be delivered online to a live audience and run for approximately 45-60 minutes.

The sessions will follow a seminar format, and will come in three parts:

  1. Introduction of the expert presenter
  2. A short presentation by the presenter
  3. A discussion and question and answer session (Q&A) between the presenter and participants.

Participants will be encouraged to prepare questions and case studies prior to the session, and the presenter should also offer questions to stimulate discussion.

5-10 minsWelcome and introduction of presenter(s)
10-20 minsPresentation on topic chosen by presenter, including:
  • 1 case study/example related to the topic
  • At least two discussion questions for the participants at the end of the session
20-30 minsDiscussion questions and Q&A. Opportunity for participants to discuss their own case studies with group.

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom. Motivation Australia personnel will set up the meeting link and coordinate delivery of the session, including any PowerPoint slides or other interactive software.

The sessions will also be recorded for future viewing and available on Motivation Australia’s YouTube channel.

Session topics

Some examples of topics that are planned include:

  • Clinical and technical skills – such as post amputation rehabilitation and diabetic foot care
  • Service systems – such as data collection and client-centred care
  • Professional and leadership – such as human resource development and leadership.

Attending sessions

Any health workers working in any Pacific Island country can register to attend our online learning series sessions. Please fill out the form below to join our mailing list and find out about upcoming sessions.

If you have any questions about the online learning series, want to inquire about support with data or technology costs, or would like contribute to this activity by presenting a session, please contact danielnoll@motivation.org.au.

This activity is part of Motivation Australia’s Pacific Wayfinders program, which is funded and supported by the Australian Government through the ANCP programme.

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