About the Procurement Tool Kit

About the Procurement Tool Kit

What is the Procurement Tool Kit?

The Procurement Tool Kit has been developed by Motivation Australia to help health and rehabilitation service providers better understand the process of procuring supplies.

It is a collection of resources that explains each step of procurement, so personnel can make more informed procurement decisions.

The Procurement Tool Kit uses specific examples of procuring assistive technology (AT), rehabilitation and diabetic foot care (DFC) supplies, however the procurement principles could be applied to other health services.

A drawing of a service manager thinking about delivery, money and filing documents.

Who is the Procurement Tool Kit for?

People who are likely to benefit from using the procurement tool kit include:

  • Personnel from government or non-government organisations who are responsible for procuring AT, rehabilitation and DFC supplies
  • Personnel who have not had formal training in procurement, and who require an overview of the main principles of procurement
  • Disabled People’s Organisations and Self Help Groups
  • Government and non-government policy makers, planners, and data collectors
  • Procurement specialists who would like a better understanding of the factors affecting the procurement of rehabilitation, AT and DFC supplies
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of rehabilitation, AT and DFC supplies to health services in the Pacific region
  • National and international donors to health services in the Pacific region.
A service user sits in a new wheelchair talking to a service provider.

Structure of the Procurement Tool Kit

The Procurement Tool Kit is made of six modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Plan
  3. Source
  4. Manage logistics
  5. Use products
  6. Evaluate

Each module is made up of topics. There will be a quiz before and after the module to test your knowledge.

A drawing of a computer screen with a large folder called 'procurement plan' on it. The files inside are sparkling.

Procurement Tool Kit Content Map

Download the Procurement Tool Kit Content Map to see all modules and topics.

Features of the Procurement Tool Kit

The tool kit contains different types of content to help you learn, including:

  • Written content
  • Images and diagrams
  • Charts and graphs
  • Videos
  • Templates and computer files.


Go to the Procurement Tool Kit Resources page for a list of all resources.


Motivation Australia have developed videos containing simple information and a basic overview of each stage of procurement. This content does not replace the Procurement Tool Kit, but supports its key concepts.

You can see the videos developed for the Procurement Tool Kit on Motivation Australia’s YouTube channel.

How to use the Procurement Tool Kit


To use the Procurement Tool Kit you will need to register as a user.

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Check this page soon to find a video showing you how to use the Procurement Tool Kit.

Contact us

For more information, or for any technical difficulties with using the Procurement Tool Kit, please email us at admin@motivation.org.au.