WSTP-b training resources (Pacific)

Based on the World Health Organization’s Wheelchair Service Training Package, Motivation Australia has adapted the existing material and included new information for our partners in the Pacific.

Drawing of a dark-skinned woman balancing on the rear wheels of her wheelchair.

This resource set supports the training of personnel in the Pacific. Personnel will learn how to provide an appropriate manual wheelchair and cushion for adults and children, who have mobility impairments, but can sit upright without additional postural support.

Personnel in the Pacific will find new information that is relevant to them. The original Wheelchair Service Training Package – basic, as well as the intermediate and manager packages, can be downloaded here.

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MA handouts

These handouts have been developed by Motivation Australia with new information appropriate for wheelchair provision in the Pacific.

Two trainees in PNG learn their training material!

Service forms and checklists

These service forms have been developed for use in wheelchair provision services. Personnel may use them as templates and build upon them to suit their services, or use them as is.

Reference material

Reference material includes manuals and service posters, and should be used alongside the handouts.

A man and a women are building a wheelchair. The woman has a prosthetic leg.