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Donna Leigh Holden

Donna Leigh Holden is an international development practitioner who has lived and worked for over 30 years in Asia and the Pacific. She has extensive experience in leading design and evaluation teams for the Australian and New Zealand aid programmes, EU, World Bank, UN, and national and international NGOs, and is a previous Country Director for Save the Children in Indonesia.

She has a special interest in social inclusion and marginalisation, as well as working with multistakeholder partnerships in challenging and complex situations including conflict and disaster affected areas.

An Accredited Partnership Broker, Donna is an Associate of the Partnership Broker’s Association. She sees partnership brokering as a natural extension to her work as a development practitioner, and one which has the potential to enhance the quality and relevance of development efforts through rethinking the ways we do business and creating new types of relationships between all development actors.

Donna is also co-convenor for the South Australian Committee for the Australian Evaluation Society.

When not in the field Donna lives by the sea in the Kaurna lands of South Australia.