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Jennifer Taumoepeau

Jennifer has always had a passion and commitment to contributing and working towards assisting the people in the Pacific. Jennifer has strong connections and ties to Tonga which has enabled her to foster a connection and to build networks with the people in the Pacific. Growing up and receiving primary education in the Pacific (Tonga), and her tertiary education research in the Pacific, and work experiences in the Pacific have culminated and embedded in her unique understanding and firm knowledge of the culture, history, values, way of life, challenges and development needs that exist in the islands of the Pacific.

She has successfully completed an undergraduate degree in Public Health majoring in International Studies and a Research Degree in Human Nutrition, a study based in Tonga on understanding the barriers and enablers of lifestyle management for Tongan adults living with Type 2 Diabetes. During her research in Tonga, she was given the opportunity to develop her knowledge about the people and culture of Tonga. The experiences she gained while pursuing her education provided her with a combination of strong communication skills and analytical skills while fuelling her interest on providing culturally appropriate health strategies for Health Professionals in the Pacific.

She is a hardworking, trustworthy and a committed individual and demonstrates a high standard of professionalism. As a Tongan Australian, there are core values she lives by as an individual, embedded in the Tongan culture, which are mutual respect, sharing/ co-operating and fulfilment of community obligations. She strongly values humility, which includes generosity, loyalty and commitment. She seeks to inspire, empower and build strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. She is very excited about providing any support that Motivation Australia needs for projects in the Pacific.