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Ray Mines


Ray joined Motivation in the UK and set off to Albania in 1996. He completed assignments in over 30 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South East Africa, the Pacific and in remote communities in Australia.

As co-founder of Motivation Australia, Ray played a leading role in brand management, training, procurement, project management, partner relationships, donor engagement, programme design, strategic direction, and led Motivation Australia for seven months as Acting CEO in 2020.

Ray co-designed and managed two of MA’s largest projects: the Samoa Integrated Mobility Device Service (SIMDES) and the Tonga Rehabilitation and Mobility (TRaM) projects. Ray co-authored the Assistive Technology (AT) Procurement Study for the World Health Organization and Motivation Australia’s Procurement Tool Kit.

Ray left Motivation Australia in 2021 to pursue further studies in climate change.