Access to assistive technology

Assistive technology transforms lives. Violet stands in front of her mum using her crutches and wearing her first prosthesis during her first fitting.

Access to assistive technology

Transform lives

Without access to assistive technology a person living with disability will likely experience loss of independence, dignity and increased poverty.

You can support projects that increase access to health services so that those in need of assistive devices can participate in community and family life.

Multiply your impact

Donate today and your gift will be matched to triple your impact! Maximise your support to people across the beautiful blue Pacific and beyond.

It can cost as little as $7.30 to assess and fit a person living with disability, like six year old Violet, with a mobility device. Read Violet’s story below.

Violet stands in front of her mum using her crutches and wearing her first prosthesis during her first fitting.

We’ll send you a tax receipt for your donation. All donations will be tripled up to a total of $10,500.

Violet’s story

Barriers to access

Violet is a young amputee from Kompiam, a small district in the remote highlands of PNG. Kompiam is isolated from any but the most basic health services. For Violet, this meant facing a future without access to a prosthetic device.

Violet could use crutches to stay active, but still faced many barriers to full mobility and independence. Her parents did not know if she would be able to start school.

In 2020, Motivation Australia’s partners, Solo and Almah from the National Orthotics and Prosthetics Service (NOPS), visited Kompiam on an outreach to the region. During their visit they assessed six year old Violet for her first prosthesis.

Access to new possibilities

During her assessment, Almah showed Violet her own prosthetic leg. Violet was shocked.

Almah recalls the moment fondly.

“I hugged her tight and told her ‘after you have your new prosthesis, you need to go to school and get a job. Maybe one day you could work with me!’”

Violet’s smile is something Almah still treasures.

Within weeks of their visit, Solo finished preparing Violet’s prosthesis and she had her final fitting. Her parents were proud to see Violet walk on two legs, picking up the skills quickly. She could finally attend school with other children her age!

Access to the best start

Being assessed and fitted for a prosthesis launched Violet into the next exciting stage of her life.

Our partner’s services are making a positive impact in the lives of their communities. Opportunities for outreach are very expensive, however they are often the only way to reach people in need of assistive technology services. Many trips are not possible without the continued support of our members.

Thank you for supporting more children like Violet learn and play with independence and confidence alongside her school friends!


Motivation Australia would like to acknowledge the team at Kompiam Hospital, especially Dr David and Dr Rebecca, for making the initial trip to see Violet happen. Also Almah and Solo and the staff of NOPS for their dedication and service.

Violet standing proudly with her new prosthesis, beaming at the camera.

Long term strategies for maximum impact

Wheelchairs and prosthetics

Your donation will help supply assistive devices. This includes:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Walking aids.

Training and development

Your donation will enable our work with local partners to increase the capacity of health personnel. This includes:

  • Training local leaders
  • Developing learning resources
  • Building mentor relationships.

System strengthening

Motivation Australia builds the capacity of local health systems to meet the needs of people with a disability. This includes:

  • Strengthening procurement processes
  • Assessing health systems
  • Advising local partners and governments.

Many are still waiting

Like Violet, there are many other stories of people accessing life-changing services when our partners are funded, trained and supported to deliver them where they are needed most.

Hear more stories of transformation from clients and staff of the Mobility Device Service in Samoa.

Reach more people

This tax time our goal is to raise enough to have 4000 people assessed and fitted for assistive technology. Together with our generous match donors, your donation is tripled!

We’ll send you a tax receipt for your donation. All donations will be tripled up to a total of $10,500.