Give a gift, change a life

Two women, both with lower limb amputations and using a prosthesis, stand side by side. One woman is using crutches and looking down at her feet, while the other woman stands unsupported and is speaking encouragingly.

You can strengthen vital health services in the Pacific and check something off your Christmas list at the same time, by giving a gift that supports life changing work.

From supplying phone credit that helps our partners stay connected and continue their training, to buying a paediatric knee joint for a child. Your gift can change a life!

We have a range of gift options for you to choose from, to help you spread that Christmas cheer. Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll have the option to print a Christmas card to include in that special someone’s Christmas stocking.

A man sits at a sewing machine. He is wearing a colourful face mask and looks very focused on the task.

$10 Personal Protective Equipment

Equipment to keep our partners safe during COVID is in high demand. Your donation can support the safe, continuation of services for some of the most vulnerable in the community.

Two people sit at a treatment bed, reading material off a tablet, a pair of scissors and cut material lay nearby.

$25 Phone data

Our partners rely on mobile data to access online training, resources and support from overseas.

On the side of a dirt road, surrounded by forest and mountains, a large car with a red cross on it has stopped. A man looks in the back of it, while a woman using a thin stick as a cane, and another man wait patiently.

$50 Outreach vehicle fuel

The cost of transport and fuel is a huge barrier to people accessing services in the Pacific. Our partners regularly travel hundreds of kilometres by sea and road to reach communities in remote locations.

Five people wearing lanyards stand in a hall which is decorated with flags of many different nations.

$100 Professional network membership

Membership for our partners to join associations and networks, such as the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics, enables them to connect with their sector’s leadership and support.

A woman in a service uniform treats a clients foot while another woman in casual clothes watches carefully.

$250 Foot wound supplies

Foot wound supplies are needed to keep people with diabetic foot wounds healthy and prevent avoidable amputations and death.

$500 Prosthetic components

Contribute to a prosthetic component such as a paediatric knee joint or a socket liner that would otherwise be unaffordable for many people in the Pacific – restoring mobility and independence!

Your ‘gift’ represents real ways that Motivation Australia supports our partners. The cost of the gifts is approximate and to ensure we are responding to the needs of our partners on the ground, your gift may be substituted for another item or service to strengthen health systems in the Pacific, depending on the changing circumstances and needs.

If you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping and you’d still like to donate to our Christmas appeal, you can do that too. Just write the amount you would like to donate in the box below.

Your donation will then be matched 1:5 by the Australian Government, through the NGO Cooperation Program. This means that your generosity will have five times the impact!