CEO Kylie Shae will farewell Motivation Australia

Kylie kneels down on the floor to smile next to her dog.

On behalf of the Motivation Australia Board and staff, I am writing to announce the departure of our Founder and CEO, Kylie Shae. After thirteen years leading Motivation Australia, she will be leaving to work directly on a number of global assistive technology initiatives, including the new World Health Organization Wheelchair Service Standards.

I would like to thank Kylie for the insight, dedication and sheer determination that she has brought to the founding and growth of Motivation Australia. When we began the organisation in 2007, the focus was wheelchair services in less resourced settings in our region. From those early days based out of her home office, Kylie has led and grown our organisation, and also personally mentored many of the those who lead their country’s rehabilitation services in the Pacific. Kylie’s commitment to excellence and our Vision, has established Motivation Australia as a highly respected catalyst for high quality programs that strengthen the inclusion and participation of people with disability in community.

In her work, whether as CEO or contributing to world level initiatives, Kylie has been a strong advocate for the Pacific Region. She has championed the voice of Pacific stakeholders in global rehabilitation and assistive technology initiatives, culminating in the largest delegation of users of assistive technology from any world region at the WHO Global Report on effective access to Assistive Technology (GReAT) Summit 2019.

Kylie has expressed her leaving as full of mixed emotions:

“My journey with Motivation Australia has been one of incredible learning and personal growth. I cannot thank the people I have worked with over the past thirteen years enough for their support and inspiration. I have been fortunate to have consistent support and guidance from a truly remarkable Board of Governors; and privileged to lead a team of personnel as deeply connected to Motivation Australia’s mission as I am. I am also immensely grateful to the individual and organisational donors who have supported us, placing their faith in our projects and activities.

I particularly want to highlight how much I have gained through working alongside disability advocates, service providers and service users across the Pacific. I thank you all for welcoming Motivation Australia in joining in your advocacy and practical action to strengthen inclusive health, rehabilitation and assistive technology services in your communities. Your lessons in partnership, resilience and local ownership amongst others have been woven into the fabric of Motivation Australia, and will be carried forwards into my new work.”

While Kylie’s leadership and passion will be missed within our organisation, the Board is confident that Motivation Australia has a bright future ahead. The Board has already begun the recruitment process to identify and appoint our next CEO. During this transition period and the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic, our organisation will continue to deliver to our stakeholders. We are delighted to have the full support of the Motivation Australia team in this task led by Ray Mines as Acting CEO, and Kylie who will continue in the next few months to not only assist in a smooth transition to our new CEO, but continues our planning and management of current and emerging challenges.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and engagement with Motivation Australia. We remain fully committed to our mission to enable people to stay healthy and access rehabilitation and assistive technology from local services through trained personnel; even within the context of COVID-19 and its many impacts across communities and nations. As she finishes her leadership of Motivation Australia in the next few months, please join us in thanking Kylie for her passion and commitment to those with disability, changing the lives of so many over the years. We all wish her continued success in the next phase of her career.

Kind Regards,

Dr Lloyd Walker
Chairperson, Motivation Australia