Kylie Shae Award for Women in Leadership

To honour Kylie Shae’s remarkable legacy in founding and leading Motivation Australia for the past 14 years, the Board of Governors has established the Kylie Shae Award for Women in Leadership.

Kylie sits on a sofa with her hands in her lap. She smiles calmly at the camera.

Motivation Australia is proud to announce Ms Almah Kuambu as the inaugural recipient of this award. The award will enable Almah to further develop her leadership skills and present a keynote address at a forthcoming regional conference. The newest board member of Motivation Australia, Jane Alver, is serving as Almah’s mentor.

Kylie recently stepped down from the board of Motivation Australia on account of the success of the transition that has now occurred in the leadership of Motivation Australia, and the renewed strength of the Board of Governors.

Kylie said, ‘I am extremely proud of Motivation Australia’s demonstrable impact on the lives of people with disabilities and others with challenging health conditions who live in the Pacific Region. Motivation Australia has raised awareness of the vital role that equitable access to assistive technology and rehabilitation can play in enabling people to realise their rights. Further, Motivation Australia has demonstrated practical solutions to increasing access, building a momentum that is now strong and has an energy of its own. It has been an honour to work alongside leaders in the disability, health and rights sectors in the region and to be part of their journey in strengthening the systems and services so needed by their people.’

Louise Coventry, CEO, said, ‘Kylie is a strong and effective leader. This was publicly recognised when she was awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2019 for service to people with disabilities in the Asia-Pacific region, and again last year (2020), when she was a State Finalists in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.’

Ray Mines, co-founder and Director of Business Development, said, ‘It is very fitting to acknowledge Kylie’s legacy with the establishment of an award to honour women leaders in the Pacific. Kylie has long championed women leaders from the Pacific. Now, Kylie’s passion to see emerging women leaders flourish will be continued by Motivation Australia’.

Kylie will continue to be a strong advocate of the unique and beautiful ‘Blue Pacific’ in her role at the World Health Organization.