More accessible, more usable!

The front page of the old website half peeled away like a sticker to reveal the new website underneath.

After years of discussion and development, we have made significant changes to These changes go beyond a cosmetic refresh and right to the heart of what we want to offer any visitor.

The new website was built with user-experience and accessibility in mind, and we are very proud of the results! As well as a clean look and simple structure, we have improved the navigation and search results so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Our new accessibility statement is at the footer of every page to show our continued commitment to making the internet more accessible to all.

You can look forward to more stories from our partners and projects told in new exciting and creative ways. It’s also even easier for us to host online learning resources, which is a key priority during the pandemic. Over the next year we plan to onboard volunteers to support our Diabetic Foot Management and Pacific Wayfinders projects, and we have added new online features to make the process easier for everyone.

Please explore the website to see the other great features we have built! If you have any feedback on the website and your experience, please email our Visual Media Designer, Ainsley.


Thank you to the Australian Government for funding this development through the ANCP program.