The new look


Designed by Claire at Somersault Design the new, fresher identity is being rolled out across all our communications. What’s even more amazing is that Claire generously donated her time to Motivation Australia, so a huge thank you to Claire.

For the first time, we have a logo mark as well as type in our branding. Designing a logo is never an easy task; simplicity takes a great deal of time to achieve, especially when the message is complex. We discussed these main words with Somersault Design: motivation, hope, mobility, motion and Pacific. Colour was also a big part of the discussion; with Somersault giving us a fresher green and a new palette of colours to work with (which we’ll reveal over time). Within the logo the colour transitions from our former, darker green to the new colour.

The result has been variously described as reminding people of a wave, a wheel, an ear listening and ripples in water. What does it say to you? We’d love to hear what you think on Facebook.


Building on the new branding, Ray Mines designed the concept for our new website and the guys at Limesquare switched us over to WordPress and coded the new site for us. Apart from updating our image, WordPress is an easier way for our staff to bring you the latest posts about our programmes.

Finally I’d like to thank our staff for their efforts in the last few months to pull this all together – it takes a huge effort to look this good on a shoestring!

What do you think? Let us know on Facebook.