Our 2021-24 Strategic plan

A group of people sit in a circle on the floor. A woman is writing on a large piece of paper.

Motivation Australia’s 2021-24 Strategic plan outlines our priorities for the next three years.

To develop this plan we reflected on who we are and what we do. We turned the same clarity of vision and focus that we apply in our work onto ourselves and the organisation that we have built together since 2007.

If you’re not already familiar with our work, this is a great opportunity to see why so many of your friends and colleagues continue to support us.

It’s timely that we are launching this strategic plan during the Tokyo Paralympic Games. It’s fantastic to see so many competitors from developing countries, including United Nations’ Least Developed Countries, as well as some of the smallest countries in the world!

Many people with disabilities rely on assistive technology to participate in everyday life and sport. Participants from Least Developed Countries will likely return home to situations that lack rehabilitation and assistive technology services. In our experience, those athletes might be among a handful of people in their country who have access to the wheelchairs, walking aids, prosthetic limbs or other assistive technology they need to participate in every day life.

Our vision is that all people can fully participate in family and community life.

To realise our vision, we collaborate with and support partners who provide rehabilitation services and access to assistive technologies in developing countries. These local people are the frontline workforce who are engaged every day in breaking down barriers and enabling people to participate.