Announcing our new stewardship

We are excited to announce that Motivation Australia will continue to deliver life changing programs with the support of Interplast Australia & New Zealand (Interplast) and under their guidance and stewardship.

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Reviewing Motivation Australia for a changing future

For more than fifteen years, Motivation Australia has been proud to work with partners in the beautiful Blue Pacific and beyond to uphold the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and promote access to health, disability, rehabilitation and assistive technology sectors. While the words of our vision and mission may have changed during this time, the purpose of the organisation has been unwavering – to ensure all people can enjoy their full human rights and participate in family and community life.

It is this commitment to our purpose that led Motivation Australia to review the shifting trends in international development funding, assess the health and disability priorities of our partners, and review our business model for ongoing sustainability and success.

In undertaking this review, Motivation Australia’s Board of Governors has determined that the best way to deliver on our vision and mission is to partner with another highly regarded development organisation with shared values and a commitment to supporting people with disabilities throughout the Pacific and Asia regions.

Joining Interplast Australia and New Zealand

We are excited to announce that Motivation Australia will continue to deliver life changing programs with the support of Interplast Australia & New Zealand (Interplast) and under their guidance and stewardship.

Honouring Motivation Australia’s mission

By partnering with Interplast, our vision will be upheld, our mission will be honoured and protected, and our programming work will continue. Most importantly, the rights of people with disabilities will be upheld through our shared commitment to deliver locally-led development initiatives.

As part of the transition of Motivation Australia to Interplast Australia & New Zealand:

  • The majority of our staff commenced working with Interplast from the 7th of November 2022.They will continue to be based in South Australia. In addition to delivering traditional Motivation Australia programs, they will support Interplast to strengthen its disability inclusive development practices.
  • Motivation Australia will remain a recognised ‘brand’ within the Pacific and Asia with Interplast agreeing to uphold the values and purpose of the organisation, jointly branding relevant activities in pursuit of our mission and purpose.
  • Subject to agreement of our valued funding and implementation partners, existing Motivation Australia programs will transition to Interplast. Current Motivation Australia staff will continue to be the primary lead on these programs, with further depth provided by experienced Interplast personnel.
  • Existing volunteers will be encouraged to continue their involvement with Interplast, including those in governance, advisory roles and the reference group – providing insight and technical assistance as we work together for stronger outcomes and to uphold the UNCRPD.

Such a significant decision was not taken lightly by Motivation Australia’s Board of Governors. At all times we have prioritised our values of equity, sustainability, collaboration, integrity and adaptability. While we are disappointed that our business model has required such a significant change, we are delighted that we have found a valued partner in Interplast to continue our life changing work.

About Interplast

Interplast Australia & New Zealand is an Australian-based non-profit organisation that is improving health outcomes in the Asia-Pacific region through a range of programs. These include the development and delivery of education to locally based healthcare professionals, provision of direct patient care, hospital improvement activities and working for systemic positive change to healthcare across the Asia Pacific region.

Interplast is committed to ensuring those with treatable and ongoing disability receive quality care throughout the Asia Pacific region, and have access to locally led and sustainable health, disability, rehabilitation and assistive technology services in their home country.

In entrusting Interplast to continue the work of Motivation Australia, we are confident that we have found a partner who truly understands our purpose and is strongly aligned to our values. Having been established in 1983 through a collaboration between Rotary and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, their history, strong reputation and dedication to providing life changing programs made them the obvious choice to lead Motivation Australia during its next phase of development.

Welcoming feedback

As we embark on this exciting new opportunity, one which will see us ‘stronger together’ we encourage you to continue your support of Motivation Australia, through Interplast Australia & New Zealand. Together we can continue to change lives!

If you have questions about our decision to proceed along this path, or wish to provide feedback at this time, you are encouraged to email  Additionally, Interplast’s Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Glover is available to answer questions via

Motivation Australia board and staff will be at the Motivation Australia’s AGM on the 23rd of November 2022 to facilitate introductions to Interplast Australia & New Zealand personnel. We are committed to answering your questions and helping to build a strong, sustainable and successful future.