Transitions, farewells and opportunities

Motivation Australia announces the departure of three longstanding staff members, Co-founder and Strategic Advisor Ray Mines, Programme Director Lauren Flaherty, and Senior Programme Advisor Lee Brentnall.

Lee, Ray and Lauren standing together outside the Motivation Australia office.

Together Ray, Lauren and Lee have invested more than thirty years into the establishment and growth of Motivation Australia. Each of them remains as passionate about the work of Motivation Australia as when they joined. We thank them for their long years of service, and their tireless efforts to design and deliver high quality programmes that foster inclusion and participation for all people in all aspects of community and family life.

The legacy they leave is a strong and effective organisation. Motivation Australia is widely respected for its innovative work to build sustainable, locally-led services across the health, disability, assistive technology and rehabilitation sectors, especially in the Blue Pacific but also beyond.

This moment represents a turning point in the story of Motivation Australia, a passing of the mantle to a new generation of thinkers, leaders and advocates. It is a good time for this transition to occur. Our new strategic plan came from a truly collaborative effort from all our team, partners and collaborators. Recently launched, it provides great clarity about the pathway to our vision for participation for all. Full participation for all people means realising rights under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, securing Universal Health Coverage and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our strategic plan is fit to carry us through the next stage of our development. Our CEO, Louise Coventry, has settled in and benefitted from the advice and knowledge of Ray, Lauren and Lee. Our Board of Governors has been rejuvenated over recent years with new insights and connections. Our staff team and in country partners are talented and full of potential and promise, as the world is opening up and travel is again possible. Exciting times lie ahead.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and engagement with Motivation Australia. We all remain fully committed to our mission to strengthen locally led sustainable health, disability, rehabilitation and assistive technology sectors.

As Ray, Lauren and Lee complete their time as staff at Motivation Australia in the next months, please join us in thanking them for their passion and commitment to improving the lives of people in less resourced contexts, changing the lives of so many over the years. We wish them the very best in their next endeavours.

A profile picture of Ray.

Ray Mines
Co-founder and Strategic Advisor

A profile picture of Lauren.

Lauren Flaherty
Programme Director

A profile picture of Lee.

Lee Brentnall
Senior Programme Advisor