STAGE 2 – Continuing negotiation

A woman in a nurse uniform holds a clipboard, another woman standing next to her points at it. They are both looking at the clipboard carefully. They stand in front of a colourful painting of people in traditional Papua New Guinea dress.

Meeting 2

The second meeting is an opportunity for the mentee and mentor to get to know each other a little more. Learning about the other persons interests outside of their work can help to build trust and a bond in the relationship.

In the second meeting it is recommended to review the mentee’s personal vision statement tool and continue to set goals using the goal setting tool.

Meeting 3

In the third meeting it is recommended that the mentor shares a little bit more information about their own work history and career. It is also good to reflect on the mentee’s personal values, strengths and areas for development as established in the first two meetings.

Please remember to post a reflection after each meeting in the Pacific Wayfinders mentoring programme WhatsApp group or by emailing it to Daniel Noll or Tom Fitzpatrick.