STAGE 3 – Enabling growth

Two men work together to build a wheelchair. One man leans down to adjust something with a smile, the other watches closely, also smiling.

Important information for stage 3

Meetings 4-7

Meetings 4-7 of the mentoring programme should focus on the growth of the mentee as they work towards achieving their goals set out in earlier stages.

Any topics, issues or discussion points that arise naturally during the meetings or conversations can be explored. There should be more focus on the career direction of the mentee in the sixth and seventh meetings.

Please remember to fill in your reflection journal, post a reflection in the Facebook group or email a reflection to Daniel after each meeting.

Learning project(s)

We strongly recommend all mentoring relationships introduce at least one small learning project into their programme during stage 3. The project(s) can be based on any topic chosen by the mentee in consultation with the mentee’s manager. Please see the learning project(s) information resource below for more information.