Week 1

Two people measure a clients foot for an offloading device. The number 1 sits over the image.

Zoom link

Use this link to access both Session video calls: Zoom meeting Week 1

Training modules

Download the following handouts to access the presentation content in your own time. You may want to print them and write your own notes.

Session 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Communication
  3. Adult learning
  4. Presenting and facilitating

Tool: Download the Screening for at Risk Feet powerpoint to practice presenting with.

Session 2

  1. Feedback
  2. Online communication and learning
  3. Making a PowerPoint presentation

Tool: Download the PowerPoint example template to help you create a PowerPoint presentation.

Session 3

  1. Practice delivery sessions


Wheelchair Services Training Package ToT handbook:



Before this training, take this quiz to see what you already know: Part 3 pre-training evaluation

After the first week, take this quiz to test what you have learnt: Week 1 Adult learning and communication quiz