Week 1

A photo of a person's feet with a large number 1 in the centre.

Zoom link

Use this link to access your Session 1 video call: Zoom meeting Week 1 Session 1

Training modules

Download the following handouts to access the presentation content in your own time. You may want to print them and write your own notes.

  1. Overview of healthy and diabetic foot
  2. Introduction to vascular health
  3. Screening for at risk feet
  4. Assessment for diabetic foot care


Watch these videos to see how assessments or checks may be properly carried out.

  1. Movements of the foot
  2. Palpating pulses
  3. Refill test
  4. Sensation test


  1. Foot and mobility screening form
  2. Foot and mobility screening guide


Take this quiz to see what you have learnt this week: DFC online training quiz week 1