Week 3

A man and a woman work together to dress a client's foot.

Zoom link

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Training modules

Download the following handouts to access the presentation content in your own time. You may want to print them and write your own notes.

  1. Overview of infection control
  2. Wound management using resources available in SI
  3. Wounds and offloading Introduction


Watch these videos to see how assessments or checks may be properly carried out.

  1. How to hand wash
  2. Putting on and taking off gloves
  3. Basic dressing kit
  4. Infection control for health professionals

Service forms

  1. Diabetic foot wound management chart
  2. Diabetic foot – follow up form
  3. DFC discharge form
  4. Appointment card draft


  1. University of Texas wound chart
  2. Wound characteristics
  3. Wound dressing guide
  4. Wound management


Take this quiz to see what you have learnt this week: DFC online training week 3 quiz