Training in Assistive Products (TAP): A WHO GATE initiative

Motivation Australia is delighted to be actively contributing to the development of TAP, an online learning resource by the World Health Organisation’s Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE).

TAP aims to support global efforts to increase access to Assistive Technology; through equipping community level workers with the knowledge and skills to enable them to provide a range of basic assistive products, including many of those listed on the WHO Assistive Products List. TAP also aims to support users of assistive products directly with readily accessible information about basic assistive products.

As we know, it is really important that assistive products match the needs of the individual user. If it does not, it is likely to be of no benefit or abandoned, and may even cause physical harm.

This is why TAP will cover four key steps of service provision: assessment, fitting, user training and follow-up. Each online training module will support personnel in learning how to help those who use assistive products to select and use the most appropriate device; as well as to provide an ongoing, quality service when maintenance or repairs are needed. It is envisaged that TAP will be most effective when combined with face to face training and/or mentoring.

Throughout 2018 WHO will be conducting pilots of the first modules, working with national partners in different contexts. The first pilot focuses on walking aids and reading glasses, and will be in Bangalore, India in February.

For more information about the GATE initiative, including TAP, visit the WHO website. For more information about Motivation Australia’s involvement in TAP, please contact Programme Director, Lauren Flaherty.