Other regions

Although Motivation Australia has eight target countries in the Pacific Region, we have and continue to work in other countries including Australia, Ethiopia, Thailand and Indonesia.

WDDAT Tigray

Motivation Australia is currently partnering with the Women with Disabilities and Development Association of Tigray (WDDAT). WDDAT empowers their members through practical initiatives and by advocating for policy change. WDDAT works with over 500 women, as well as members who…

Practical Design Fund project

Motivation Australia in collaboration with the Aboriginal Resource Development Service Inc. (ARDS) have recently completed a project as part of the Australian Government Practical Design Fund programme. This FaHCSIA programme is in preparation for the national disability insurance scheme, DisabilityCare Australia, which commences in July 2013.


East Arnhem Consultations

At the end of 2012, Motivation Australia received a grant from FaHCSIA’s Practical Design Fund to work with Yolngu communities in East Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The focus of this work was on developing a shared understanding of Yolngu language and worldview concepts of disability.  This is one of the crucial first steps to support clear communication between future government departments, service providers and community members in light of the upcoming National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Collaborating with First People’s Disability Network

Motivation Australia in cooperation with the First People’s Disability Network (FPDN, formerly the Aboriginal Disability Network) carried out consultations in ten communities in East Arnhem Land, Central Desert, Northern Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands. Twenty-six Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with mobility disabilities participated and related their stories and experiences of being service users.

National Leadership Workshop for Aboriginal People with a Disability

Motivation Australia was delighted to participate in the recent National Leadership Workshop for Aboriginal People with a Disability, hosted by the Aboriginal Disability Network in Sydney. The Workshop provided an opportunity to hear first hand some of the challenges Aboriginal…

Mobility Solutions Symposium

Motivation Australia, the First People’s Disability Network (Australia) and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre worked together to draw stakeholders together for the first Symposium addressing the mobility needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People. Wheelchair users, clinicians, suppliers, non-government organisations and government organisations presented the current challenges that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People face in accessing an appropriate wheelchair, as defined by the World Health Organisation.




In November 2008 Motivation Australia carried out a technical feasibility study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We were invited to undertake the study by Caritas Germany and Karina KAS (Caritas Indonesia) to inform the planning of a programme to address the provision…

Exploring the NDIS in Aboriginal Communities: FaHCSIA grant success

On Monday 3rd December the federal government announced the successful recipients of FaHCSIA’s Practical Design Fund. We are pleased to announce that Motivation Australia have been successful and will receive a grant to carry out a project in East Arnhem Land in partnership with ARDS (Aboriginal Resource Development Service) and local groups. This is the beginning of an exploration for Motivation Australia and our partners into what the NDIS will mean for Indigenous Australians with disabilities.


Partnership in Haiti

Motivation Australia was pleased to be involved in a Motivation project in Haiti, in conjunction with Handicap International and Healing Hands for Haiti.

Healing Hands for Haiti’s rehabilitation centre was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, and since then they have taken over a temporary site in conjunction with Handicap International. Together they have been providing clinical and technical services for Orthotics, Prosthetics, therapeutic programs and wheelchair and seating services.



Building Capacity in Thailand

Motivation Australia and the Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Centre (SNMRC) are working together to enhance wheelchair provision in Thailand.

In September 2009 and February 2010, Motivation Australia ran short courses in wheelchair provision for clinical and technical staff at SNMRC. The first course focused on providing staff with skills in wheelchair assessment, prescription, assembly, fitting and providing wheelchair users with instruction in wheelchair mobility and general health care. The second course took the staff skills further, enabling them to address the needs of children and adults who require supportive seating.


Worldmade Wheelchairs in Central Australia

Motivation Australia is constantly being asked whether we can provide Worldmade Wheelchairs in Australia. The Wheelchairs have been designed for wheelchair users living in environments where the terrain is challenging and accessing repair services are extremely difficult. Worldmade Wheelchairs are therefore incredibly robust, can be maintained locally, and provide an excellent ride over rough and sandy terrain. Yet the wheelchairs do not compromise on the postural support provided for the wheelchair user and come with a pressure relief and posture support cushion.