Mobility Solutions Symposium


Motivation Australia, the First People’s Disability Network (Australia) and The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre worked together to draw stakeholders together for the first Symposium addressing the mobility needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People. Wheelchair users, clinicians, suppliers, non-government organisations and government organisations presented the current challenges that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People face in accessing an appropriate wheelchair, as defined by the World Health Organisation.


A report of the Community Consultations carried out by Motivation Australia and the First People’s Disability Network highlighted the fact that despite the efforts of many dedicated people working in difficult circumstances, there are people with a mobility disability living in remote locations who are denied their basic right to mobility.


The Symposium highlighted the importance of building and supporting local skills and capacity, drawing out examples of where this approach is already working well in Australia, and referencing the World Health Organisation Guidelines on Community Based Rehabilitation.

Motivation Australia would like to thank the Honourable Kelly Vincent MLC and CBM Australia for supporting the attendance of Aboriginal wheelchair user representatives; and all of presenters and participants who made the Symposium a true success.


A full report of the Symposium will be posted as soon as this is available. Presentations are available for download below:


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Download Kylie Mines’ introduction presentation (3MB)

Download Damian Griffis’ introduction presentation (139KB)

Day 1, Session 1

Download Ray Mines’ “Community Consultations” presentation (2.1MB)

Day 1, Session 2

Download Therese Sands’ presentation (102KB)

Download Lesley Hall’s presentation (2.9MB)

Download Kylie Mines’ 2nd presentation “WHO Guidelines” (4.4MB)

Download Joanne Rowe’s presentation (1.7MB)

Day 1, Session 3

Download Jess Turner & Keren Shanley’s presentation (9.5MB)

Download Lauren Houpapa & Andrew Rose’s presentation (2.9MB)

Download Terry Gallagher’s presentation (643KB)

Download Tim Maloney’s presentation (2.1MB)

Download Rodney Angelo’s presentation (2MB)

Day 2, Session 5

Download Robyn Glynn’s presentation (3.8MB)

Download Annemarie de Heus’ presentation (1.3MB)

Download Kylie Mines’ 3rd presentation “Peer Group Training” (1.7MB)

Day 3, Workshop

Download Kylie Mines’ 4th presentation “Overview of Motivation Australia’s approach” (2.6MB)

Download Lauren Houpapa & Ray Mines’ workshop presentation (6.8MB)