One day seminar at ATSA

Photo of Timor-Leste team working with a child wheelchair user

On 14th May, on the way to PNG to film the “It’s My Right” films, Ray Mines presented at the ATSA Daily Living Expo in Melbourne. Engineers Australia and the National Committee on Rehabilitation Engineering (NCRE) organised a one day seminar on “Delivering Technical Assistive Technology Services in Less Resourced Settings“. Motivation Australia and the NCRE also discussed how to create more training opportunities for technicians working in Assitive Technology (AT) throughout the Pacific. The engineers and technicians that design, build, repair, test and fit Assistive Devices for people with disabilities are vital parts of any service, but in developing countries they often struggle to find opportunities for training and recognition of their skills alongside their clinical colleagues. 

Throughout our region technical people working and training in the field of Assistive Technology are in short supply. If you are interested in using your technical skills for a career in Assistive Technology then consider training as a Rehabilitation Engineer. If you are interested or can help in establishing more opportunities for training AT technicians in our region please contact Dr Lloyd Walker, a member of Motivation Australia’s Board and the NCRE.