Worldmade Wheelchairs in Central Australia


Motivation Australia is constantly being asked whether we can provide Worldmade Wheelchairs in Australia. The Wheelchairs have been designed for wheelchair users living in environments where the terrain is challenging and accessing repair services are extremely difficult. Worldmade Wheelchairs are therefore incredibly robust, can be maintained locally, and provide an excellent ride over rough and sandy terrain. Yet the wheelchairs do not compromise on the postural support provided for the wheelchair user and come with a pressure relief and posture support cushion.

We believe that Worldmade Wheelchairs could be a great mobility solution for people living in rural and remote communities.To find out more about what wheelchair users themselves think, Motivation Australia has supplied four to the Alice Springs SEAT Clinic. Clinic Coordinator and Senior Occupational Therapist Andrew Congdon has worked with Motivation Australia on several of our programmes overseas and is familiar with the Worldmade Wheelchair range. He has the skills to assemble the wheelchairs, which are shipped flat packed from our supplier in China.


Working with wheelchair users living in Central Australia, Andrew has begun trialling the wheelchairs. The first person to participate in the trial is 19 year old Dion Beasley. Dion is trialling the Worldmade Rough Terrain Wheelchair, and has reported that he loves the wheelchair, and is thrilled at the huge improvement in his ability to be independently mobile. See the recent ABC News story about Dion and his new wheelchair.