Building Capacity in Thailand


Motivation Australia and the Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Centre (SNMRC) are working together to enhance wheelchair provision in Thailand.

In September 2009 and February 2010, Motivation Australia ran short courses in wheelchair provision for clinical and technical staff at SNMRC. The first course focused on providing staff with skills in wheelchair assessment, prescription, assembly, fitting and providing wheelchair users with instruction in wheelchair mobility and general health care. The second course took the staff skills further, enabling them to address the needs of children and adults who require supportive seating.

Sharakorn_ForWebsiteOur programme has included the introduction of Worldmade Wheelchairs and Supportive Seats, as well as utilising locally available wheelchairs. The emphasis is finding the best solution for each individual wheelchair user. To date almost thirty wheelchair users have received an appropriate, individually fitted wheelchair, and SNMRC staff have scheduled a number of outreach visits to rural areas.

The next phase of the programme will be to run training for staff in five Provincial Hospitals, further disseminating knowledge and skills in appropriate wheelchair provision.

Motivation Australia would like to thank the Australia-Thailand Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; the Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand and Motivation UK for their financial support of this programme to date.