Fiji: Children’s wheelchair services

MA was pleased to once again work with our partners at the Frank Hilton Organisation to develop their children’s wheelchair services, as part of our Pacific MDS project.

The team at FHO provide physiotherapy, hearing and mobility device services for children who attend Hilton Special School and Early Intervention Centre. In the coming months, FHO plan to pilot expanded support to other special schools in Fiji in order to better support children who need mobility devices.

The June in-country visit provided an opportunity to provide clinical and technical mentoring for the FHO team; two of which attended the Solomon Islands intermediate level wheelchair service training in February.

The visit also provided some opportunities for regional exchange; the MA team were joined by Prosthetist-Orthotist Tebakaro Aata from the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service in Kiribati. Tebakaro worked alongside the FHO personnel to share and build his skills in intermediate level wheelchair service delivery.

The FHO will continue to be our partner in the 2017-18 Pacific MDS project, and the MA team looks forward to continuing our colloboration!