Mentoring local personnel to provide appropriate wheelchairs

A male participant of the training adjusts a wheelchair, while a female participant checks off a list of changes that need to be made.

A male and a female training participant adjust a wheelchair.Intermediate level wheelchair service training builds the capacity of personnel to provide wheelchairs and
supportive seating for children and adults who need additional postural support. A recent children’s wheelchair clinic in Vanuatu aimed to extend the skills, knowledge and confidence of personnel in Vanuatu, Fiji and Kiribati to provide appropriate, intermediate level wheelchairs.

“I have realised that the more we do, the more we learn and develop confidence” 


MA and our Ni-Vanuatu partners at the Vanuatu Society for People with Disability, the Ministry of Justice and Community Services and Vila Central Hospital warmly welcomed the participants from Kiribati’s Tungaru Rehabilitation Service and Fiji’s Frank Hilton Organisation who joined this activity. Training Pacific Region participants together enable MA to cost-effectively train more personnel and continues to strengthen links between Mobility Device Services in the region.

MA would like to thank VSPD for hosting the training at their new facility; and supporting much of the local coordination and logistics.

This Pacific MDS activity was made possible through funding from the Australian Government through the Australian Non-Government Cooperation Programme (ANCP). Wheelchairs, postural support devices, and materials have been donated to Vanuatu’s partners by the Vanuatu Skills Partnership Programme; Motivation (UK), Wheelchairs For Kids (WFK), and; the Latter Day Saints Charities (LDSC).

For more information about the Pacific MDS Project, contact Kylie Mines.