Pacific profiles: Anasavaia Liku

A picture of Anasavaia.

Name: Anasavaia Liku

Age: 30

Current role: Community Rehabilitation Assistant and Mobility Device Service Clinician
Anasavaia (Ana) is a mother of three young children (aged 3, 4 and 6) and has received training through MA’s programmes in Fiji. Ana shared with us that she makes the sacrifice to be away from her children during the week to be in Suva, Fiji for her role at Frank Hilton Organisation. Ana spends the weekdays living with family in Suva, working during the day and attending evening classes in Human Resources and Management. Ana and her husband travel 4 hours by bus home for the weekends (if she doesn’t have a night class on Fridays) and their three children are looked after by her parents and attend school in Rakiraki. Ana explained to Krystal Panakera as they sat down for a chat that she has a wonderful support system and couldn’t do this without her family. “I have a special love for children with disabilities and I make this sacrifice not only for my children’s future, but for the future of other children in Fiji” Ana said.

How long have you been at FHO?
One year and three months, before that I was a community rehabilitation assistant (CRA) with the Ministry of Health.

Why do you make such a sacrifice to be away from your children?
For my kids and other kids in Fiji. To give extra special care for the children who access Frank Hilton Organisation.

What do you love about what you do?
I have kids of my own. Working here is something really special. Coming here with children with special needs is really interesting, I have extra love for children with special needs and that need special care.

Which MA trainings have you attended?
Intermediate wheelchair training 2018 in Fiji.

What was the most useful skill you have taken away from the training?
Having an appropriate wheelchair for the kids, the measurements and specifications. Learning the difference and benefits of having an appropriate wheelchair.

What does MA do for you in your current role?
Working with children with disabilities it is very useful and really helps (to have MA’s help). The wheelchairs help the children with their rehabilitation and schooling.

Why is it important for MA to work in Fiji?
Fiji is still developing. When it comes to wheelchairs, we didn’t have intermediate wheelchairs before or any of the training. MA helps to upgrade our trainings which helps the children of Fiji in schools. The training we have received helps many children with disabilities.

What more support could MA offer you?
Refresher training and continue to upgrade our skills. Help with how to educate parents on why their children needs the wheelchair or intermediate wheelchair and why this benefits their child’s development.


Motivation Australia acknowledges the valuable contribution of the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) to the Pacific MDS Project. Motivation Australia is a proud partner of Frank Hilton Organisation, and we recognise their hard work and dedication to make a difference in the lives of children with a disability in Fiji.

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