Pacific profiles: Priyansha Chand

A profile picture of Priyansha standing against a background of lush green plants. She has her hands behind her back and is smiling brightly.

Priyansha Chand is extremely passionate about her role as Physiotherapist and working with children at Frank Hilton Organisation in Suva, Fiji.

Priyansha trained at Fiji National University, completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2014. A hard-working young woman, she started a successful and busy restaurant with her family after graduation and often worked 7 days a week for many years before starting her role at Frank Hilton Organisation (FHO) to continue working with her true passion.

MA’s Fundraising Coordinator, Krystal Panakera, sat down with Priyansha during a trip to Fiji last year to find out more about her role at FHO which she explains is giving her “experiences that will last a lifetime.”

Name: Priyansha Chand

Age: 27

Current role: Physiotherapist at Frank Hilton Organisation, Fiji.

How long have you been at FHO?
I volunteered with FHO for one month in March 2018 and started my current role in April 2018.

What do you love about what you do?
I am very passionate about creating change for the kids. I have had an amazing journey so far at FHO. Our CEO is very encouraging and I love being here. Helping these kids out just makes our day, I feel blessed to be providing mobility devices and enabling them to sit upright comfortably.

What challenges do you face in your role?
Certain cases can be really hard. Physiotherapy takes time and often what we can do in one hour is not enough. Physiotherapy needs to be consistent and it can be difficult to start again if time is taken off therapy.

Which MA trainings have you attended?
In June 2018 I completed the Intermediate Wheelchair training and the Refresher Basic Wheelchair training in September 2018, which was a great way to refresh the skills we had learnt in June. I have also completed the first stage of the Training of Trainers course in Fiji late last year.

What was the most useful skill you have taken away from the trainings?
Intermediate training was a different level and really valuable. Learning how to do assessments and measurements precisely, as well as which products are best for our clients.

What does MA do for you in your current role?
MA provides us with clinical and technical support and provides assistance with our complicated clients. They help us with upskilling through training and resources and whenever we need support they are very approachable.

Why is it important for MA to work in Fiji?
At the moment, since Fiji is a developing country we do not have reliable data to show for the disability sector. Not for profits like Motivation Australia can change that and can have a major hand in rolling out systems, helping us collect data and strengthen partnerships with other organisations.

MA can also advise of future frameworks and legislations. Double provision is a problem in Fiji and we need to make sure devices and services are managed and recorded.

We really need to set some standards in Fiji and MA can help with that. We need some kind of legal document to say who should be providing assistive technology devices and what qualifications they should have. We need more research around the disability sector and we need the data.

What more support could MA offer you?
We have progressed to Intermediate, we now have fixed postural deformities. There is a need for more information and support for people that can’t use a wheelchair and how they can be supported throughout their lives.

How does MA’s role as an FHO partner effect the people of Fiji with disabilities?
MA has provided us with support around basic and intermediate products, now we know who needs what and how to supply the correct and appropriate device.

Whichever device a client gets is prescribed specifically for them. MA has brought in standards to Fiji and I think that is a huge achievement.

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Motivation Australia acknowledges the valuable contribution of the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) to the Pacific MDS Project. Motivation Australia is a proud partner of Frank Hilton Organisation, and we recognise their hard work and dedication to make a difference in the lives of children with a disability in Fiji.