Urinary Management Products Trial underway

Motivation Australia’s Urinary Management Product trial has now commenced in Fiji.

In keeping with our philosophy of ensuring that any assistive device is provided through a service delivery model, Motivation Australia and our partners in Fiji the Spinal Injury Association (SIA) have developed a collaboration with the National Urology Centre to implement the trial.

Five nurses from the National Urology Centre recently underwent training, to prepare them to work with trial participants. After a bladder function review by the National Urologist, the nurses will help each participant select the most appropriate UMP kit, teach them how to use it, and provide back-up support.

SIA staff also went through the training, and will be carrying out monthly follow up checks with each trial participant.

The trial will be made available to up to 25 men and 25 women, as a first step in identifying a long term, sustainable solution to the need for reliable, affordable access to urinary management products for wheelchair users who are incontinent.

Thank you to the Australian Government, June Canavan Foundation, Paraquad SA, Paralogic and Coloplast for their support of this project. For more information email Kylie Mines