Urinary Management Products Trial

Motivation Australia and the Spinal Injuries Association of Fiji have now completed our trial of urinary management products in Fiji. Our evaluation of the trial included interviews with participants and key stakeholders involved in the project.

Overall, the monthly supply packs were considered a great success, and we witnessed significant health, financial and social benefits for individuals. For example, one woman shared that she no longer needs to use cloths to stay dry. Before, she was frequently wet, and had to change her clothes several times a day. She is now going out more, and feels much more positive. The trial included developing training materials to support the safe provision of urinary management products, targeting community level personnel and users of these products.

Contact Kylie Mines for a full report. Our hope is that learning from the trial will enable us to continue to work with stakeholders to implement a long term solution to the need for a consistent, affordable supply of urinary management products for all.

For now, Motivation Australia and the Spinal Injuries Association will continue to provide trial participants with monthly packs of urinary management products.

The trial was funded by the Australian Government, June Canavan Foundation and Claire Murphy Fund. We were also supported with donations of some products by Paralogic and Coloplast; and greatly appreciated the support of specialist nurse Michael Arthur from ParaQuad SA.