Launch of Diabetic Foot Clinic in Kiribati

April saw the launch of Kiribati’s new Diabetic Foot Clinic (DFC) at Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH). Katrina McGrath from Motivation Australia and volunteer Podiatrist Nalini Natesan visited the DFC team in Kiribati to provide on site training and mentoring.

DFC personnel practiced how to assess a client with a foot ulcer (wound), develop an appropriate treatment plan and provide client education. Training for nursing personnel also included the preparation of a clean environment for wound management, as well as ulcer cleaning, debridement and dressing.

Prosthetist Orthotists (POs) practiced the application of Total Contact Casts (TCC), TCC Shoes and padding, as well as discussing long term orthotic and footwear options to prevent future wounds from developing.

The implementation of the clinic was very successful, with clients receiving high quality care. The DFC was already seeing positive outcomes in the first week with clients showing clear signs of ulcer healing at their first review appointments. As word of mouth about the clinic spreads it is hoped that client numbers will increase and the number of amputations for I-Kiribati reduces. MA looks forward to supporting the DFC in this goal!

MA would like to thank Nalini for sharing her time and experience, the DFC team for their enthusiasm and dedication to their clients, and TCH management and the Tungaru Rehabilitation Service (TRS) who assisted in the planning for the DFC. Special thanks also go to the Australian Government and LDS Charities for their support of this project.