Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, in the southwestern Pacific, encompasses the eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. The country is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with over 800 listed languages. The majority of the population of over seven million people live in rural areas, with only 18% of people living in urban centres. Strong growth in Papua New Guinea’s mining and resource sector has led to rapid economic growth, however many people in the country live in extreme poverty.

Motivation Australia’s engagement with PNG began in 2005 and has focused on increasing access to appropriate mobility devices, working in partnership with the National Orthotics and Prosthetics Service (NOPS) and the PNG Assembly of Persons with Disabilities.

Disability related statistics and information:
• The PNG National Policy on Disability suggests that PNG’s disability population matches or exceeds the World Health Organisation (WHO) global estimates that around 15% of any population have a disability.
• Based on WHO statistics an estimated 72,750 people require a wheelchair and 36,375 people require a prosthesis or orthosis.
• PNG signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRDP) in 2011, and launched a new National Policy on Disability in 2015.
• The Department for Community Development and Religion holds responsibility for coordinating disability issues on behalf of the Government of PNG.

Conference delegates listening to a presenter off screen. In the fore ground are two women in colourful dresses.

Rehabilitation and Mobility Conference

Celebrating the Conference Theme: ‘Pacific Leaders creating Sustainable Services’, delegates from nine countries in the Pacific region, inclusive of those who use, provide and manage services worked together to share ideas, discuss and learn about how to build inclusive rehabilitation…

Wheelchair training: Fiji, PNG and the Solomon Islands

Motivation Australia, together with the Latter day Saint Charities (LDSC) have recently delivered wheelchair refresher training in three countries throughout the Pacific from September to November. Motivation Australia’s Katrina McGrath joined Chris Christensen a technical trainer from LDSC to co-deliver…
Representatives of service providers and people with disabilities in a group discussing assistive technology

Case study: Developing national guidelines for AT provision

The situation: people in PNG face challenges in accessing appropriate accessing technology that meets their needs.  Assistive Technology (AT) includes any item, piece of equipment or product that helps a person carry out daily tasks and activities. It is intended…
A photo of the Walking Aids Training Package ready to go to PNG, including a folder with training cards, posters and activity cards.

Walking Aids Training Package Complete!

Motivation Australia has completed a Walking Aid Training Package, aimed at increasing safe and effective provision of walking aids by hospital and community based health, rehabilitation and community workers. The package was developed as part of a broader program to strengthen assistive…