Guiding Assistive Technology in PNG

Representatives of service providers and people with disabilities in a group discussing assistive technology

In partnership with the Papua New Guinea Assembly of Persons with Disabilities (PNG ADP), Motivation Australia is finalising a zero draft of Guidelines on the Provision of Assistive Technology (AT) in PNG.

This project has been led by a PNG Steering Committee and funded by the Australian Government. The Steering Committee is chaired by PNGADP and has representation from PNG Government Departments of Health, Education, and Community Development and Religion; Government and Non-Government Service Providers and Disabled Persons Organisations.

The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a framework for building PNG AT services, training national personnel, and making quality, appropriate AT more available in PNG. At the request of stakeholders, the Guidelines focus on AT that assists people with mobility, vision and/or hearing impairments; and specifically those devices likely to have the most impact.

The Guidelines have been shaped through a process of consultation with stakeholders from each of the four Regions of PNG involving more than 300 individuals and 50 organisations; as well as relevant international evidence based research and guiding documents.

At the third and final Steering Committee meeting, held in February 2016 in Port Moresby, a final draft of the Guidelines was reviewed and the Steering Committee gave the go ahead for Motivation Australia to complete a zero draft for the Steering Committee to present to stakeholders including the PNG Government by the end of March.

For more information on the Guidelines, please contact Kylie Mines.