Equitable Access Research report

Motivation Australia is pleased to publish the PNG Equitable Access Research (EAR) report.

The EAR project was one of the activities that has been completed though the Access to Mobility programme, with partners PNG Assembly for Disabled Persons (ADP) and the National Orthotics and Prosthetics Service (NOPS). This unique project was focused on learning more about the types of barriers that exist for people with a mobility disability that prevents or makes it difficult for them to access the services that they need. We were also interested in the types of facilitators that make it easier for people to access services.

More than 300 women and men with a mobility disability; and the parents of children with a mobility disability participated in the project. The information and stories shared with the research team have provided us with a rich source of data, that has significantly increased our understanding of the issues and will enhance the ability of programme partners to:target vulnerable groups in the community and assist them to access services; advocate to and work with the PNG Government for appropriate resources to be allocated for the range of services required, and; support people with a disability and their representatives to educate community members about the rights of people with a mobility disability and the role that they can play in family and community life. This project will also serve to inform equitable mobility device service delivery in the Pacific Region.

The short report is available for download from our Resources Page.

For more information, or for a copy of the full report, please contact us.