Guidelines on the provision of assistive devices in PNG

Motivation Australia has partnered with the Papua New Guinea Assembly of Persons with Disabilities (PNG ADP), and is working closely with the Department of Health and Department of Community Development and Religion to draft National Guidelines on the Provision of Assistive Devices in PNG.

The purpose of the Guidelines is to provide a framework for a national standard of care in assistive device provision, for people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments.

A draft version of the mobility section of these Guidelines was presented at a Stakeholder Forum in Port Moresby in May 2014. At that time, as well as reviewing the mobility section, stakeholders also worked together to consider the content of Guidelines addressing assistive devices that would assist people with vision and/or hearing impairments.

From May to September 2015 Motivation Australia and PNG ADP will further this work, with the guidance of a Stakeholder Steering Committee including Government, Service Providers and People with Disabilities and their representatives. This project is funded by the Strongim Pipol Strongim Nesen (SPSN) programme, an Australian Aid initiative in partnership with the Government of PNG.