It’s My Right: Resources

Illustration from PNG's It's My Right Campaign

Motivation Australia recently completed filming for an It’s My Right video resource in PNG. As part of this resource, a series of eight posters have been developed:

  • Four posters featuring Papua New Guineans and their families – focused on the importance of inclusion and the protection of human rights for people with a mobility disability, and;
  • Four illustrated posters that show the benefits of an appropriate mobility device in the lives of people with a mobility disability and their families.

300 copies of each of these posters are being shipped to PNG for distribution by the National Orthotics and Prosthetics Service (NOPS) and the PNG Assembly for Disabled Persons (ADP). Motivation Australia looks forward to seeing these posters in communities all over PNG.

You can download your own copy from our Resources Page, or email for high resolution files to print and use in your community!