It’s My Right Video Launch!

The Motivation Australia team is thrilled to launch our It’s My Right series of short films that were created with our Papua New Guinean partners the National Orthotics and Prosthetics Service (NOPS) and PNG Assembly for Disabled Persons (ADP). These short films were part of a set of resources developed for the Access to Mobility programme, funded by the Australian Government.

All of the people featured in the films have experienced the benefit of accessing an appropriate mobility device; While environmental barriers in their homes and communities continue, access to a local service provider and a wheelchair that meets their needs has increased their independence, health and well being.

PNG Its my right John 390x390People like John. John lives in a family village, a couple of hours outside of Port Moresby. He has a spinal cord injury caused by Spinal tuberculosis (Pott’s disease).

John received basic medical attention before retuning home to recuperate. He spent a few months at home with out access to a mobility device, due to a lack of awareness about the services that were available through NOPS. After a chance meeting with a community worker, John received a referral, and was provided with a Rough Terrain Wheelchair.

“Before the wheelchair, I used to be just sitting one spot in the house, so when I got the wheelchair I was happy that I could “walk around” and do work around the house, and see the places – and that brings me happiness”.

“I thought that I would never walk again, never walk out of the house…having the wheelchair changed the whole way that I used to think, and also motivated me to travel to get the medical treatments. Having the wheelchair made everything possible for me…I could play around and mix around with my kids. I could also go and have a shower myself without asking anyone to help me”.

You can watch and share these videos by heading to Motivation Australia’s YouTube page. Or if you would like to access copies of theses videos, please contact Kate Shortt, Office Manager.

For more information regarding the It’s My Right project or the Access to Mobility programme, contact Lauren Flaherty, Senior Clinical Coordinator.